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The Whiteinch Centre Limited (WCL) is a vehicle for partnership between two major community anchor organisations in Whiteinch, Whiteinch Community Association (WCA) and Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association (WSHA). Members represent the local community and their respective roles are described below:

Whiteinch Community Association owns the Centre on behalf of the local community and is led by a management committee of volunteers and representatives from local organisations and community groups.

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Service development including community development, partnership building and sourcing funding

  • Marketing, including internal and external communications

Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association (WSHA): a registered social landlord which shares office space in the Whiteinch Centre complex. It has acquired and improved over 800 houses, built more than 150 new units, delivers a factoring service to approximately 500 owner occupiers and manages 339 Glasgow Housing Association homes in Whiteinch. Through a Service Level Agreement WSHA provides the following services and support to the Centre:

  • Financial management

  • Policy and compliance

  • Reactive Repairs and Planned Maintenance

  • Joint negotiation and co-operation in terms of Insurances, ICT, cleaning and security

  • Human resource management

By its nature, the Centre is dependent on the successful working of the internal partnerships of all the many groups and individuals who use the facility. To date, local needs and priorities have been met through a combination of services focused on health, learning and leisure which are offered by partners offering services from the Centre.

Other Partners

Glasgow West: West and Central Voluntary Sector Network

The Whiteinch Centre derives great support and encouragement through it membership of Glasgow West:West and Central Voluntary Sector Network (WCAVSN). WCAVSN is a member organisation of small and medium voluntary sector providers in the West Area of Glasgow.

The Network works to provide advice, information and training to the voluntary sector and supports organisations to engage with the West and Central & West Community Planning Partnerships.

A key function of the Network is to facilitate the flow of information from key partners to the voluntary sector thereby enabling voluntary organisations to participate effectively in these new structures and ultimately to secure the best possible outcomes for the people who access their service.

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