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Our volunteers are absolutely wonderful, they bring a wide variety of skills, and the support of staff strengthens and develops their skills. It's really wonderful the way staff here can assess and guide people on a very individual path. Offering them new challenges and building their conference. The reason we do it is because we want to be a place that's welcoming to everyone - all nationalities and genders, and diversity. Everyone supports each other


“It’s such a community based centre, volunteers are part of the community, enhances the fact that it's about community, not them and us” 


“They need to, they don’t get huge amount of funding, brings different things to the center for their users. I was impressed by range of activity”


"Most places rely on volunteers, but it's about inclusiveness (here), involving people, and giving them a purpose, developing their skills - personal, secretarial, people skills and that can lead to employment opportunties"


"There's a lot of recognition that volunteers have a lot to offer, that they couldn't do without them"


"Feel so welcome here, it's fantastic" 


"It's multicultural here, volunteering lets you take part in the community" 


"Give you confidence answering phone, taking calls, taking messages"  


"When Aily gives you a role, she gives you full responsibility for it, and helps you build up your confidence and potential, it really helps"


“Staff are not afraid to dedicate their personal time to your thoughts and opinions, but I feel most valued by the pensioners that I’m helping, and the teacher of the art class also made me feel valued. I feel like I'm doing something right”.

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