How is the Centre financed?

The Centre is independent and raises 50% of its core income from rental revenue. This unique position offers the advantage of making it paramount that the Centre is innovative and entrepreneurial in its approach to resource generation so that its social purpose is fulfilled in a sustainable manner.

Will the Centre open out with core hours?

Yes it is possible for the Centre to open out with core hours to accommodate events.

Can we bring in outside caterers for an event?

Teapots Café is the sole caterer in the Centre and it is not possible to bring in outside caterers. Theresa and her staff will be happy to accommodate your needs and delighted to discuss tailoring option to suit your needs.

A wide range of beers, wines and champagne can also be provided for your event. However a license is required for events requiring at least 8 weeks notice.

How much does it cost to hire a room?

2014/15   Costs per Organisation Classification
Meeting Room Hourly rate Large Small
Main Hall Short-term £30.60 £20.40
Long-term £22.44 £10.10
Conference Short-term £22.44 £15.30
Long-term £18.36 £10.10
Medwyn Short-term £16.83 £10.10
Long-term £12.24 £5.61
Inchlee Short-term £16.83 £10.10
Long-term £12.24 £5.61
Medwyn & Inchlee Conbined Short-term £28.56 £18.36
Long-term £23.46 £11.22
IT Room Short-term £20.40 £15.30
Long-term £15.30 £9.18
Creche Room Short-term £12.24 £9.18
Long-term £9.18 £7.14
Quarry Knowe Short-term £15.30 £10.10
Long-term £10.10 £5.61
Art Room Short-term £9.18 £7.14
Long-term £7.14 £5.61

Parties or functions held in the Main Hall on a Saturday evening have a flat fee of £183.60.*

Children’s parties and special events – £22.44 per hour rate.

What are the Organisation Classifications referred to in the booking rates?

There are 2 classifications of booking organisations. A large organisation is an organisation with an income in excess of £50,000.

What is a long term booking?

A ‘long-term’ lease is one defined as a repeat booking over 10 weeks or more.

Could you offer a free room hire to a charity organisation or for a fundraising event?

Unfortunately this would not be possible as we too are a charity dependent on generating income from room hire.