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Our fabulous volunteers have been vital for us to connect with our community during this time.


Here are two key volunteering roles that we are looking for right now:


Voice/Video Artist Volunteer 

Our aim is to reduce isolation and offer fun viewing/listening opportunities to lighten people’s day. We are looking for people to demonstrate things that people can do from home - from sketching, baking, singing, devising comedy sketches to demonstrating how to work from home tips and techniques. Just anything that you might like to share with our community! 

I.T. Support Volunteer 

Many people in our community to not have to skills to use digital media to stay connected with their family and friends. Our IT volunteers will offer vital guidance for individuals in our community 

to by talking through the processes required to use various online 

communications platforms. This will include messaging, videos 

calls and social media on a variety of platforms and devices. 


For more details and volunteering opportunities, send over an email to 

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