As well as building skills in I.T. and literacy, learners have access to information about the benefits system and entitlements. Volunteering opportunities with partnerships, and with the job clubs, are available and this can be a valuable first step back to employment for individual who have been out of work for some time.


The centres OneStopShop adviser can be contactable by phone. if you are struggling with loss of earnings and unsure of where you stand financially due to COVID 19 get in touch. We are not in the building at the moment but if you call the centre on 0141 950 4434  to find out more. 


"So grateful for all your support with online form filling and telephone calls. I could never have managed this on my own. My physical health is very poor, and all this was playing havoc with me mentally.  Without your help and support I was getting nowhere and just going round in circles. I really appreciated your calm and friendly manner which did not make me feel stupid or silly which was how I felt when dealing with most people on the phone. You were so patient and took so much time to explain it all to me. Financially it has made a big difference. I was not aware of these entitlements, worked all my days and never got a penny back until now and I cried when I got that huge cheque. Once again I don't know how to thank you enough."  


"You have been huge to support to me and my family during these very bad times. My English is very poor and I cannot understand computer things. With 5 children in a small flat, I was very stressed. After this please be invited to my house for tea and dinner, this how we do things in Syria and my wife is a good cook". 


" (The One Stop Shop Advisor) helped me greatly financially and made me feel self empowered and confident in myself again. Service she gave was excellent and I have every confidence in all her advice. She always keeps in touch and I feel much better for speaking with her."  

"Since I moved into the flat the help I have had from WC has been fantastic, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my money and my health. I don't know what would have happened to me, I was so down and lonely, full of anxiety and stressed out about my eyesight and everything that was going on. Didnae know about things I could claim for.  You have become a good friend to me."