Since our regular creative groups have not been able to meet during lockdown, we have been bringing creativity and connectedness to them! We have been doing this through a number of different ways, postally, digitally and on the phone. If you or someone you know would like a creative outlet or to get involved with something in their community, whether that be through creative activity at home, accessing our online video resources or attending an online class, just get in touch at elenaharris@whiteinchcentre.org.uk



The Whiteinch Centre usually runs a series of wellbeing classes from the centre, but these have not been able to run under current restrictions. So we have moved our wellbeing classes onto ZOOM! We have just come to end of our February/March block so check back for more info soon:

Tai Chi with Bob McCafferty (Dates TBC)

Easy Exercise with Iwona Dziura (Dates TBC)

Drawing with Liz Shepherd (Dates TBC)

All classes are FREE and suitable for all levels! If you would like more information, help getting online or the meeting details for one (or all!) of our classes just email at elenaharris@whiteinchcentre.org.uk


Staff and volunteers at the centre have been sharing videos of what they have been doing to keep busy and active through The Whiteinch Centre YouTube channel. WE have over 50 videos to choose from including cooking, crafts, storytelling and exercise and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next! We are always looking for new content, so if you have something you want to share with our community, just let us know and we can help you make a video and post on our channel and social media.


Check out and subscribe to the channel at www.youtube.com/TheWhiteinchCentre 


Write Back Acha! will be spreading messages of joy and hope to the people who need it most as a pen pal project. Here are just a few reasons why you should get involved:

It gets us ‘off-line’ which in turn reduces our stress levels. Writing is a creative activity that requires us to be mindful and present. It’s good for our brains! Writing words on paper helps our brain function and cognition. Writing connects us, not only does it boost our mood, it spreads joy. It’s a skill we can get back that doesn’t involve technology. Go ‘old school’! 


If you or anyone you know would benefit from using this new service and want to strike up a new friendship get in touch with athomson@whiteinchcentre.org.uk


Many of our centre users do not have access to online resources, so we sent out around 30 weekly creative packs through the post. Over this period we have built up a collection of community works that are now displayed in our centre's front window.


Although we are no longer sending weekly packs, if you or someone you know would be interested in creative activity resources to do from home, contact 

elenaharris@whiteinchcentre.org.uk and we'll be able to share these with you either postally or digitally!